SIGMA Data Insights Rebranding

SIGMA Marketing Now SIGMA Data Insights

We are excited to announce that we are in the midst of completing a rebranding effort in response to our evolving focus and corporate vision. At the heart of this rebranding is a change of our company name to SIGMA Data Insights. This name change is strategic and emphasizes the capabilities of our team, what we do and what we love.

Coinciding with the unveiling of our new brand, we have launched a new website that we invite you to explore ( The new site focuses on the industries we serve and solutions that promote profitable customer relationships and identify opportunities in evolving markets.

What this means for our clients is that we are conducting business as usual with a renewed focus and drive to live up to our new name. As our new brand is unveiled, you will see the surface changes right away with our new logo and corporate color scheme, but this rebrand is not just cosmetic. Our team has taken the time to analyze our approach to the markets we serve, and reinterpret how we work with clients and partners on a day to day basis.

“While the technology we use and complexity of the data we analyze continues to change and mature, our mission has remained the same – create more profitable customer relationships through analytics, marketing technology and data-driven strategy to drive results for our clients. This rebrand from SIGMA Marketing to SIGMA Data Insights, reinforces our focus on all things data as well as our motivation to help our clients successfully reach their business goals, ” said Stefan Willimann, CEO.

If you have questions or comments about our rebrand, send us an email!

Bynder Certified Service Partner

SIGMA Marketing Insights Announces Bynder Partnership

SIGMA Marketing Insights Announces Bynder Partnership

Rochester, NY: SIGMA Marketing Insights (SIGMA) announced that it has joined Bynder as a Certified Service Partner. Bynder, the global leader in digital asset management (DAM), works hand-in-hand with partners like SIGMA to grow their clients’ businesses through DAM implementation, custom integration and managed support services.

Marketers are producing more digital content than ever before and distributing it across an increasingly complex web of platforms and channels. As a result, organizations need a solution to store, manage, and distribute branded content with ease and speed. Bynder provides brands with a single platform to centralize all digital assets, drive better brand consistency, deliver faster time to market, and foster more efficient digital collaboration.

“SIGMA’s most valuable client/partner relationships all have in common a clear understanding of specific business goals. These are mission critical requirements for developing a smart data-driven strategy that drives ROI and business growth,” said Stefan Willimann, SIGMA’s CEO. “Bynder adds yet another way for SIGMA to add overall value to our clients. Our team has been working with Bynder for 3+ years and our clients have experienced the value of a Bynder implementation paired with managed support services.”

SIGMA’s partnership with Bynder is part of its initiative to focus on key technology relationships in 2020. SIGMA is in the process of establishing partnerships with best in class technology organizations that will add value to SIGMA’s current clients and create connections with organizations that are interested in SIGMA’s core capabilities.

“We are thrilled to welcome SIGMA as part of our community of trusted partners,” said Brad Kofoed, Bynder’s Senior Vice President, Global Alliances & Channel. “SIGMA’s laser focus on analytics, marketing technology and data-driven programs that drive results makes them a natural fit as a Bynder Certified Service Partner, and we look forward to continuing our work with the SIGMA team to mutually support continued customer success.”


About SIGMA Marketing Insights

SIGMA Marketing Insights is an agency, hyper focused on creating profitable customer relationships through analytics, marketing technology and data-driven strategy. SIGMA creates a collaborative environment where clients and partners talk strategy with senior leadership, insights with data scientists, tech integration with the database team and map out multichannel solutions with the client engagement team to achieve specific business goals. SIGMA is based in downtown Rochester, NY with a strategic group also located in Boston, MA.

About Bynder
Bynder is the global leader in digital asset management (DAM), providing the most powerful and scalable SaaS solution for brand management. Recognized for its intuitive user experience, Bynder helps more than 1,000,000 brand managers at 1,800 organizations, including Spotify, Puma and Icelandair, to create, share and organize the full lifecycle of their digital content in the cloud. Founded in 2013, Bynder has since grown to over 350 employees in seven offices around the globe, including the Netherlands, USA, Spain, UK and UAE. The company is backed by Insight Partners. For more information, visit

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