SIGMA Data Insights Announces Partnership with 5W Strategists

SIGMA Data Insights Announces Partnership with 5W Strategists

ROCHESTER, NY, March 14, 2022 – SIGMA Data Insights (SIGMA) announced their partnership with 5W Strategists (5W), a data and analytics services company based in Charlottesville, Virginia.

The partnership provides SIGMA the opportunity to expand its service offerings and gain valuable IT, Development and Data Analytics support services. In addition, SIGMA will gain access to 5W’s AI insights and mining tool, AIM5 which will expand SIGMA’s targeting, modeling, and advanced analytics capabilities.

While the partnership allows SIGMA to streamline and expand its capabilities, it also provides both companies with additional technical and client team resources and knowledge sharing opportunities.

“The future is a bright one for our companies coming together. In essence, 5W gives SIGMA an improved technology stack for the data operations, campaign and insights work we do as well as provides more people to deliver on the expanding needs of our service work,” stated Stefan Willimann, CEO, SIGMA Data Insights.

5W’s CEO, Jerry Montgomery, said “This is a perfect match. SIGMA’s staff is exceptional at turning insights into actions and information that helps their clients be much more successful in their campaigns as well as their daily operations. It is a pleasure working with everyone at SIGMA.”


About SIGMA Data Insights

SIGMA Data Insights is an agency, hyper-focused on creating profitable customer relationships through analytics, marketing technology, and data-driven strategy. SIGMA creates a collaborative environment where clients and partners talk strategy with senior leadership, insights with data scientists, tech integration with the database team, and map out multichannel solutions with the client engagement team to achieve specific business goals. SIGMA is based in downtown Rochester, NY with a strategic group also located in Boston, MA.

About 5W Strategists

5W helps agencies and marketers accelerate their success by delivering amazing AI tools, data and analytic services so they can have a greater impact on those they serve. Our AIM5 tools enable users to define what analysis they would like within 30 seconds. Then within hours the AIM5 AI analyst creates exceptional insights, models and audiences. AIM5 does this based on the 3,000 plus attributes it has on 260 million U.S. consumers.

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