The Importance of Culture at SIGMA

Stefan WillimannStefan Willimann, our passionate CEO, shares his thoughts on the culture at SIGMA:

I recently came across the following quote on LinkedIn, and it really resonated with me.


“The definition of failure is defined this way. When your life is over, the person you are meets the person you could have been.”


Does this resonate with you too?


While obviously a very self-directed message, it made me think almost immediately about SIGMA—its’ values and how those values inspire the work we do every day. SIGMA, and the way our entire community works together is, well, personal, not just to me, but also to all of our employees and partners.


When I founded SIGMA I always knew I wanted the company to reflect positive human attributes.  I wanted it, and therefore the people who work here, to embody all of these important values: empowered, accountable, inspiring, fair, modern, thoughtful, transformative, respectful, aware, hardworking, smart and brave. These are the values our clients find at the core of SIGMA, buried deep within our DNA.


An organization’s culture is a mission critical element of its’ bottom line performance, and I often say that “culture drives profit.” Culture has the power to drive individual mission, ambition, and success. We’re in good company with the likes of Zappo’s, Amazon, Starbucks and WeWork, who are all wildly successful, not just because they have a solid product and service offering, but because they exude the values of their culture. You can feel it in everything they do. The dedicated people that make those companies go don’t just get up every morning and go to “work.” Instead  they go to work with a goal and greater purpose. They reflect on their values, which makes their skill, talent and ability truly shine.


At SIGMA, we believe that our work, and our culture, is the fuel that drives our performance and ultimately transforms our clients’ business.


In the end, as the chief keeper of SIGMA’s goals, vision and values, my most important job is to create a positive culture that enables our team to shine and thrive! Because when we thrive, the entire SIGMA family, including our valued client partners, awesome staff, best-of-breed suppliers and extended team of contractors, will be able to move mountains and may in some small, but important way, make our world better.