Aditya Shettigar

Data Analyst

Education: Syracuse University. Mastered in Information Management and Data Science.

Hometown: Mumbai, India

Joined SIGMA: May 2021

I am a seasoned professional with 2 years of industry experience working as a Data Analyst supporting Data Analytics, Predictive models, artifacts and KPIs. Worked across different industries ranging from Hospitality, Energy & Biotech.

I led the data migration of millions of records from one Salesforce environment to another from data cleaning, loading, UAT etc. I worked on several SDLC and agile projects in different environments using different technologies. I’m looking forward to new accomplishments and career highs with SIGMA.

I’m motivated by learning the full scope and working with clients face to face. Also, I am motivated by solving ad-hoc tasks and challenges as they come while mastering the technology stack of data flow, modeling and analytics.

Passionate About:
I am passionate about art, design, and engineering.
I love coffee, the art of espresso, (pressure, temperature & volume) and the construction of Italian espresso machines. I have a dream of opening my own café someday.
Beyond that, I am passionate about cooking, fitness and tropical sunsets.

Two Truths and a Lie: 

  1. I am a Pescatarian.
  2. I have driven across the highest motorable road in the world.
  3. I nearly totaled my first car within the first 2 weeks of purchase.