Liz Broccolo

Strategic Data Analyst

Education: I did my bachelor’s degree in mathematics and psychology with a minor in statistics at High Point University in North Carolina. I also completed my master’s degree with a 4.0 in business analytics from Drexel University’s LeBow College of Business.

Hometown: Rochester, NY

Joined SIGMA: August 2020

I have always been looking for ways to combine my love of mathematics and psychology. This has led me to a career path in analytics, specifically in marketing and consumer behavior. Starting out as an intern at QVC on their customer and marketing analytics team, I found a passion in painting a picture of who their customers were with data. As a strategic data analyst, I continue to build on my analytics toolkit. Not only do I consider how we can leverage data to answer questions, but I also am continually thinking about the questions we have not even asked yet.

Digging into a client’s direct mail data, I noticed that there were guests receiving mail that looked similar to a population that would be disadvantageous to mail to. I developed an algorithm to flag those with this “camouflaged identity”, to earn the client a projected savings of $120,000 annually.

There is a high standard that is held at SIGMA. I am surrounded by so many intelligent and hard-working teammates and this motivates me to work my hardest, learn more, and always consider what is best for our client first.

Passionate About:

A good cup of coffee. The right cup of coffee can turn any day around

Game of Thrones. I don’t think I can count on one hand how many times I have watched the series through. If anyone wants to talk the show, the books, theories, thoughts on the last season, I am your girl.

Fall. Crisp mornings, cozy fires, pumpkin spice and everything basic.

Two Truths and a Lie: 

  1. I love peanut butter.
  2. I have never been to Disney World.
  3. I have always loved math.

Liz Perkins