Kaeleigh Beebe

Account Manager

Education: Nazareth College B.S. Music/Business | M.S. Integrated Marketing Communications

Hometown: Syracuse, NY

Joined SIGMA: May 2019

I spent my last year of undergrad at Nazareth working in the college’s Marketing and Communication department. I got to develop campaign ideas for current and prospective students. I developed a contest around the beauty of the campus in the fall that they continued after I graduated, which was a really cool feeling.

There was a really big customer journey project that I started working on that launched earlier in 2020 and it was really great to see it start up and have positive results.

What motivates me is being client-facing and being the execution spoke of ideas and projects.

Passionate About:
My dog Stanley
Thriller/mystery books

Two Truths and a Lie: 

  1. I can speak four languages
  2. I was on the TODAY show for lining up early for a concert on the Plaza
  3. I have never been to Australia

Kaeleigh Beebe
Kaeleigh Beebe