Frank Sanseri

Director of Information Technology & Data Protection Officer

Education: SUNY Brockport

Hometown: Rochester, NY

Joined SIGMA: June 2010

My work and industry experience is almost exclusively IT management and leadership roles at companies including SIGMA, Global Crossing, Frontier, & Paychex.

Here at SIGMA, I lead the database development and infrastructure teams – ensuring that client data is properly structured and protected, and building the foundations for the analytic and intelligence work at the heart of our business. I have an awesome team, and love being instrumental to SIGMA’s success.

Passionate About:
Philosophy (as it pertains to the human condition, and how/why we do what we do, and how/why we interact as we do)

Fairness and Equality (in life, business, opportunity, finance, etc.)

Caring for the people in my life

Two Truths and a Lie: 

  1. I’m older than I look.
  2. I’ve taken flight lessons and can fly a small plane.
  3. I can’t drive a stick-shift.