Adam Smith

Director, Data Insights Group

Education: I studied math and economics for undergrad at Emmanuel College in Boston. I have a master’s degree in operations research from the London School of Economics in England.

Hometown: Canandaigua, NY

Joined SIGMA: March 2014

For most of my career, I have been at SIGMA, slinging insights across a variety of industries. Previous to that I worked in marketing at Canandaigua National Bank & Trust, where I started to build my expertise in data-driven financial services marketing.

I have created several predictive models, which have helped clients improve retention and acquisition efforts. Honestly, I think the biggest difference for clients is when we build simple, meaningful dashboards that help them better understand their business.

I believe that data used responsibly has the power to make better decisions and a better world. I help our clients understand their data and identify new insights that help them to drive their organizations forward.

Passionate About:
I am passionate about protecting our environment to fight climate change, tearing down racist structures to create opportunity for all, and ensuring that everyone has access to health care, food, and a safe place to call home.

Two Truths and a Lie: 

  1. I worked at Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum in London.
  2. I enjoy long-distance running.
  3. I did stand-up comedy in high school.

Adam Smith
Adam Smith